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Stephen Prophet

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stephen Prophet

Stephen works with organizations in the areas of Federal grants and program management and reporting. He currently heads up the sponsored programs administration office at New England Aquairum (
2004 – Education and training - Middle East

Stephen A. Prophet spent 2004-2006 working in Dubai, one of the seven federal states that form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The tiny sheikdom of Dubai is a bustling financial and tourist center that runs down the Persian Gulf and around the Strait of Hormuz situated next door to Oman and Saudi Arabia.“Dubai City is a modern day El Dorado,” says Stephen. "With an estimated 25,000 new arrivals every 30 days, it's no wonder foreign nationals outnumber the local Emirati population by nearly 6 to 1. All hungry for work, money, adventure, and the promise of a better life. For many, Dubai, warts and all, clearly has the allure and the audacity to be the next great New York City,” explains Stephen.___

Stephen Prophet worked as project coordinator with AMIDEAST, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

AMIDEAST ( administers many of the major exams required for admission to American universities or professional certification. _As a Project Coordinator for Dubai’s Knowledge Village office of AMIDEAST, Stephen worked closely with the Country Director in setting the direction for language testing program sustainability and growth options in addition to client relations in Dubai.

Stephen Prophet of AMIDEAST - DUBAI receives a token of
appreciation from Director General of Dubai Police Academy
Brigadier Dr. Mohammad Ahmed bin Fahad in recognition of
outstanding language testing services provided to the 2006
graduating class and staff of Dubai Police Academy.

In collaboration with expert field office staff, Stephen Prophet helped expand AMIDEAST’s training portfolio and was selected as one of the two lead teacher trainers to assist AMIDEAST in launching its new iBT TOEFL internet-based testing service.

This ambitious regional initiative required travel to the State of Kuwait to coordinate and teach one-day teacher trainings in the new iBT TOEFL testing model rolled out in 2006. Stephen also supported fundraising, proposal writing, public relations and outreach activities while representing AMIDEAST at Dubai-based conferences, meetings and workshops.

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